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Call Of Duty Mobile Android Latest Version Best Graphics.

Call Of Duty Mobile is a first person shooter game,s the best multiplayer battle royale game on Android devices, where the game takes you to enter the play area which has 100 players at the same time to compete. where the game is rated as one of the best android shooter games and is considered to be the first competitor of PUBG Mobile game and you can overtake it in many features.

Game features

1 Lots of maps, gear and weapons that you can control. 
2 Lots of characters in the game choose your best character. 
3 The two main game modes are multiplayer and zombie mode. 
4 Hit 10 people at the same time as well as in the phase,  play two teams made up of 5 players. 
5 Many levels in zombie mode Replace it yourself or with your friends. 
6 there are many equipment and movement methods in the game.
7 High resolution with fabulous graphics, not to mention the control that  is the best of its kind on Android.

Game requirements

Requires stable internet, high-quality operation of Android 5.1.1 or later, space up to 2 GB, and random storage of up to 2 GB.