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PUBG Mobile Android Latest Version Best Graphics


PUBG Mobile game is the best multiplayer battle royale game on Android devices, where the game takes you to enter the play area which has 100 players at the same time to compete.  Gather resources and try to resist until the end of ten minutes to become the only survivor, and the game provides the terrible zombie phase and the 4x4 development teams.  The game receives the award for the best game of the year 2018 for mobile.

Game features

• Supported by 4 unreal engines
• Game quality and unity with games with ease of navigation High definition graphics and 3D sound.
• Includes mobile controls and tools for chatting with other players
• Very realistic movement and gameplay.
•  Large and varied maps.  Fight from Erangel to Mermar and from Vikendi to Sanhok Terrain and details Accurate in each map provided by the game.
• Affected by different types of weather from rain, snow and night. The diversity of maps between civilization, forests  , mountainous terrain and frozen areas.
• Different game modes from classic 100 mode to teams mode and zombie mode where you can play alone or in a team.
▪️The game supports first person fps perspective or third person.

Game requirements

Requires stable internet, high-quality operation of Android 5.1.1 or later, space up 
to 2 GB, and random storage of up to 2 GB.