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Assassin's creed Identity Android Offline Best Graphics


Assassin’s Creed – Identity It is an action game and an RPG from a third-person perspective that takes place in Italy, where the player performs many missions and reveals the epic secret of The Crows, the game produced by Ubisoft.

Game Features

  🔹This Game is Offline

  🔹 you can choose between Berserker, Shadow Blade, Trickster and Thief

  🔹 Customize your Assassin: use the loot, choose your outfits and weapons such as epic swords and the famous hidden dagger.

  🔹 Transform your Assassin from beginner to pro!

 🔹 Experience freedom of movement: run, jump, climb and feel the thrill of a leap of faith on your mobile screen!

 🔹 Complete an endless number of missions, unlock new locations and hundreds of items.

 🔹 Play the way you want with a simple touch to move and two virtual joysticks or with a controller.

   The technical excellence of ASSASSIN'S CREED games!

 🔹 Unity game engine brings stunning graphics to your screen with stunning HD models, shadows and details on demand.

 🔹 In every corner you visit during the Italian Renaissance, you will find an open map to explore, such as: Santa Croce in Florence, the Colosseum in Rome.

Game recommended

 ▪️Game size: 900Mb

 ▪️Its kind of game: Action

 ▪️How to play: Offline

 ▪️Game company: Ubisoft

 ▪️Game system: Android.