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FIFA 21 Official Android Japanese Version Best Graphics


Fifa 21 Mobile This version is a Japanese and Korean version and contains much better additions than the original version of the game from Nexon.

Game Features

✔️ Play against teams from some of the  most prominent club competitions in football;  UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. 

 ✔️ Play for your favorite team for the first time ever in the league matches

  ✔️ Complete the weekly icon challenges to win any of the 100 now available icons

  ✔️ Expand your dominance in the World Leagues in the all-new Season Mode to take the lead in your Ultimate TeamTM

    - Clash to the top of the leaderboards every week in the all-new Weekend Competition in Division Rivals

More ways to actually turn football activity into in-game rewards, plus a João Félix item totaling 84 exclusive when you connect adidas GMR in the new season.

🔸Challenge friends in 11 vs 11 matches live

 Create your in-game buddy list and track your record head-to-head to earn the endless bragging rights.  The pitch is about.

Game recommended

▪️Game size: 90Mb
 ▪️ Its kind of game: Football
 ▪️ How to play: Online
 ▪️ Game company: EA sports
 ▪️ Game system: Android.