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FIFA 21 Android Offline Best Graphics New Menu & Kits 2021


Fifa 21 Mod Fifa 14 is a modified soccer game with the latest transfers and crews for the year 2021 and with the game's high graphics and small size, not to mention that it does not need internet, the game is the best game  football for Android without Internet and without emulator.

Game Features

1 Amazing and high quality graphics and high quality HD realistic graphics   🔹New consistent and smooth control button interface
🔹New game menus and attractive and beautiful colors
🔹Add the latest transfers and crews for the year 2021
🔹for all Offline teams on your phone 🔹Many international competitions, tournaments and leagues such as the five major leagues
🔹The amazing phase is manager mode, which is the management and development of your clubs
🔹many teams and teams around the world and with  licensed slogans 🔹Control the difficulty level of the game as well as control the time of matches to increase excitement
🔹 The ability to add game commentary and the voices of the audience inside the stadium are awesome.

Game recommended

Game size: 2GB

 Its kind of game: soccer

 How to play: Offline

 Game company EA sports

 License: Free

 Game system: Android.