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FTS 22 Mobile Android Offline Best Graphics Update 21/22


FTS 2022 The football game modified and with the best additions to the kits, teams, teams and lists that make it wonderful and fun.

Game Features

🔹 All logos and crews are updated for the year 21/22

🔹 The latest transfers of players and the latest team formations 

🔹 The game contains many clubs and international teams  

🔹Controlling the level of difficulty of playing Controlling the time of play and the time of the game 

🔹The game contains many tournaments and leagues And global competitions, including the European Champions League, World Cup, the Euro and the five major leagues. 

🔹The game contains a manger mode where it allows you to control your club and manage your team and make it rise to the highest levels

🔹The game contains random online matches 

🔹 All logos for the teams are official.  🔹The game has endless money. 

🔹 The game contains some Arab leagues and Asian and African challenges.

Game recommended

 ▪️Game size: 300MB

 ▪️ Its kind of game: Score Game

 ▪️How to play: Offline

 ▪️Game company: FTG

 ▪️ Game system: Android.