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Inuzoma eleven Android Offline Download


inazuma eleven (inazuma irebun, "lightning eleven") is a role-playing sports video game for nintendo ds developed and published by level-5.

 It was released on August 22, 2008 in Japan.

 a european release has been confirmed by nintendo and was released on january 29, 2011, three years after the japanese release.

 UK release has been postponed until August 26, 2011. For marketing reasons, the EU version has been updated with additional features from the sequel, Inazuma Eleven: Firestorm / Blizzard. The main character, Mark  Evans ( endō mamoru)

 , is a very talented goalkeeper and the grandson of the late David Evans (the endō daisuke), one of Japan's be goalkeepers and coach of the legendary football team, the inazuma eleven (although the  brand does not know).

 He is the captain of his school's football team (Raimon Junior) and dreams of one day participating in the border football tournament.

 unfortunately, the club is on the verge of disbandment as other members do not seem interested in training.  One day, a mysterious attacker named Axel blaze ( gōenji shūya) goes to Mark's school.

 axel was once the best striker at his old school and caught the attention of the Royal Academy (led by team captain Jude Sharp and principal Ray Dark), the region's most prestigious school.

 they come to Raimon and challenge them to a football game, even though Axel refuses to join Raimon's team.

 they are much more powerful than expected and Raimon's standout players suffer a horrific defeat.

 axel decides to join the squad to help them and his sudden appearance surprises Royal, which he uses as an opportunity to score a goal.

 As the first goal scored against the Royal Academy in years, jude considers it a victory for Raimon and leaves with his team.  The team then moves on to the national football championships, but learns that they won't be able to compete without a coach.

 Detective Smith is pointing in the direction of a man named Seamore Hillman, who was part of Raimon’s team forty years ago, the Inazuma Eleven.

 hillman explains that the team were coached by mark's grandfather, david evans (which was very surprising), and that they were an unstoppable force - the best team of their time!

 this turns the brand on, until hillman tells him how his run ended when their bus crashed on the way to their last soccer game, injuring players and preventing them from participating in the competition.

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Game size: 4.2Gb

 🔹Its kind of game: sports

 🔹How to play: offline

 🔹Game company: /

 🔹Game system: Android Emulator dolphin