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FIFa Street 21 Android Offline Best Graphics

 FIFA Street Football 2 is a street football game in which the player can control 4 players on the side of the national football teams in matches where the objective is to win by scoring goals or points by means of tricks, or within a period of time. In career mode "rule the streets"

 Create a player and compete in tournaments all over the world to get a Skill Unlock and to buy clothes and upgrade his rank. As the player improves, he can be the captain of his own street soccer team and eventually become an international player. Lots of players have special and unique skills and moves

 This version that you will download is a modified version with several additions, including the addition of clubs such as: Bayern, Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Man United, Inter... these clubs did not exist before, as well as adding several stadiums and changing the background of the game, and you can also participate in the street championship and win I hope you like the game

Game Features

▪️FIFA Street 2 is one of the best games for Android and psp so far

▪️It has been developed to run on the EMULATOR PSP emulator for Android

▪️High-speed wireless multiplayer matches featuring the most powerful players

▪️ Seven game modes, including tournament mode for the game

Game recommended

🔹Game size: 170Mb

🔹Its kind of game: Football

🔹How to play: Offline

🔹Game company: EA sports

🔹Game system: Android psp emulator


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