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Ace Soccer Football 22 Android Best Graphics New Update


Ace Soccer 2022

 The new version "Party Carnival" of "Football Court" is officially launched!  Brand-new party mode, daily challenges with different tasks, score points, and rank; a new battle zone-based personal ranking system to better understand your own strength; improve the cost-effectiveness of super sponsorship for newbies and reduce the initial difficulty of the game; a brand-new club league  Increase game playability, emphasize players' understanding of football, and win the highest reward;

Game Features

 1. A new party mode, adding more fresh gameplay, and enriching the diversity of player formation.

 The following party modes have been added:

 (1) On Monday, the golden lineup mode was added;

 (2) From Tuesday to Thursday, 4 lineup modes will be added: Summer of Italy, Flamenco, Carnival in England, and Top of the World;

 (3) From Friday to Saturday, the rich family carnival mode will be added;

 (4) On Sunday, a new chaos mode is added.

 2. Added a personal ranking system based on the battle zone to establish a sense of goal in the player stage.

 3. A new super sponsor with a higher return rate is added to help players build an ideal lineup.

 4. Optimize the tournament fund, the goal is clearer, and the rewards are more valued.

 (1) The Journey Fund has been increased to 2 stages of rewards, and can receive up to 62 times the rebate;

 (2) The tournament fund is increased to 4 stages of rewards, and can receive up to 64 times the rebate.

Game recommended

▪️Game size:400mb

▪️Its kind of game: Football

▪️How to play: Online

▪️Game company:  /

▪️Game system: Android


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