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Download Internet Cafe Simulator 2 Official Android Best Graphics lastes Update

  The second version of the famous game “Internet Cafe Simulator 2” After the success that I got in the first version of it, the developers worked on improving the game and adding a lot of features and enhancements for the continuity of the story and also creating a lot of internal adventures

As this version of Internet Cafe Simulator 2 has a lot of internal details and new mechanics completely different from the previous version, the main goal now is to not let the street thugs and thugs take your money in any way as there are a lot of tools and equipment  that you can use like dropping bombs on your enemies

You can now attract more customers on rainy days or take care of your cafe and defend it, so you must decide since the start of the game whether you will be a merchant or a thug who will defend his cafe?

Features of Game Cafe Shop 2 for Android

🔹Internet Cafe Simulator 2 is characterized by being so realistic that you cannot imagine, as you wake up in the morning and eat your breakfast on a regular basis and then go directly to open your Internet cafe and start receiving visitors

🔹The game has a lot of advanced graphics and a lot of internal details that make you have an experience that will not be repeated in any other game

🔹The game does not need an internet connection, so you can continue to play anytime and anywhere

🔹It contains a lot of sound and visual effects and many internal details that give the game a distinctive character

🔹You can set up and manage your workplace “internet cafe” comprehensively within the game

 Besides, you have to pay the rent for you apartment and shop

🔹The game also contains many different activities and people that you can interact with in the city while playing

🔹There are many additional professions besides running your own internet cafe, in addition to that you can earn money in another way and characters who are not known at all

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